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Service monitoring
Monitor the uptime and performance of your website or server. We will verify that your website works, by automatically testing it as often as every minute from over 50 locations all over the world.
£1.00 Monthly
£3.00 Quarterly
£6.00 Semi-Annually
£12.00 Annually
£24.00 Biennially
£36.00 Triennially

Website security monitoring
Our Website Security Monitoring detects and removes malware from anywhere on your website. And our protective firewall prevents harmful visitors from entering your site. If manual intervention is needed, our security experts will correct any detected vulnerabilities so your customers and prospects can get to your website.
£45.00 Monthly
£135.00 Quarterly
£270.00 Semi-Annually
£540.00 Annually
£1,080.00 Biennially
£1,620.00 Triennially

Backup MX
Backup MX - If you operate your own local mail server you need a resilient backup to cover any outages. In the event of losing your Internet connection or a power failure, your emails still need to be delivered somewhere.

A Backup Email Server (also known as a "Backup MX" or "Backup Mail Exchanger") can accept your emails during any downtime.

(Price is per domain)
£30.00 Annually

£0.00 Monthly
£0.00 Quarterly
£0.00 Semi-Annually
£0.00 Annually

Content Filtering Service
The Cultrix Content Filtering service blocks phishing sites, gives you the powerto filter out adult sites and choose from more than 50 categories, and provides the precision to block individual domains.

It can be protecting your network in minutes without requiring you to buy any hardware or install any software. The Cultrix Content Filtering service gives you the option to block dozens of categories on your network. From social networking to job sites, from gambling to video sharing, from webmail to alcohol and more: with the Cultrix Content Filtering service, you make the choice about what's available on your network.

Our experienced staff manage and tailor the system to your business by handling requests to block or allow individual sites or categories. We can even provide reports on demand so you know what’s happening on your network and see trends before they become a problem.

(Price is per workstation)
£5.00 Annually

Employing an extremely effective combination of automatic tests, Cultrix Premium Anti-Spam catches an enormous amount of junk; in fact, thanks to the numerous filtering techniques involved, the catch rate is 96-99%, while the chance of false positives is close to zero.

The cost is per domain, which makes it an ideal choice for small, mid-sized and large companies as well. It doesn't matter if you have thousands of users with multiple mailboxes, you will need only one subscription to cover it all.

(Price is per mailbox)
£5.00 Monthly
£20.00 Quarterly
£60.00 Annually